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Team Up on the Tide— Moving from Service to Collaboration with Diverse Entrepreneurs

Let’s be real: diverse entrepreneurs have not been “underserved.” Service is the wrong word. And I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. I recently visited with my friends Maacah Davis and Cindy Willard to discuss how venture capital can better collaborate with Indigenous, queer, Black, Brown, and women founders.

Creative Startups launches Native American-led venture fund

Native American entrepreneur Kelly Holmes launched the world’s first Native fashion magazine in 2012 and has since expanded it into a thriving digital media platform that highlights indigenous art, culture and entertainment.

New Ad-Ventures

As a Miniconjou Lakota from the Cheyenne River Reservation in South Dakota, Holmes founded Native Max Magazine 10 years ago. The first Native fashion magazine of its kind blossomed into a full-blown multimedia company that publishes positive stories about Indigenous people across print, digital and social media platforms. And if that wasn’t enough, Holmes now wants to go even further in supporting her community.

Greed is out — Resilience & Collective Empowerment are in

My mother had a saying: “you don’t see us on our knees.” This is a Lakota value my mom learned growing up in South Dakota and passed down to me. What it means is that we identify what people need, and we try to meet their needs before they ask. We look out for each other. We don’t exploit other’s weaknesses for our self-gain.

The Overlooked $10 Trillion Opportunity

It’s not hard to find the sky falling. Whether it’s the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank or the gloom bells of recession, doom and worry seems to be the tone of current economic news. The United Nations says we’re in a “code red” moment for humanity, and gross domestic product (GDP) growth continues to shrink across the globe.